About Us

In 1994, Johnny, an enthusiastic engineer passionate about technology and environmental sustainability, founded a bike shop. Back then, he was dedicated to designing bicycles and providing prototypes and components for various brands. Over the past 30 years, Johnny has collaborated with more than 20 brands, contributing to global sales of over one million bicycles. Known for his relentless dedication to quality and integrity, Johnny earned a stellar reputation in the industry. By 2023, he decided it was time to leverage his extensive experience to create his own brand, leading to the birth of Leoguar.

Brand Inspiration and Mission

Brand Inspiration and Mission

Leoguar, inspired by Native American culture, combines the agility of a leopard with the strength of a jaguar, embodying elegance and power. Our high-quality all-terrain e-bikes are designed to conquer any terrain with style and ease, allowing riders to experience the perfect blend of strength and finesse with every pedal. Leoguar is committed to providing efficient, eco-friendly, and stylish transportation solutions, reflecting our deep respect for the wisdom of Native American culture and our forward-looking vision.

Development and Commitment

Leoguar's factory is based in Texas, with plans to expand to more physical stores, offering sample bikes and more test ride opportunities to ensure every user can experience our bikes firsthand. With three decades of meticulous design and engineering expertise, Leoguar was created to deliver the ultimate e-bike experience. Our mission is to offer unparalleled comfort, safety, and freedom to our riders. Our vibrant color options not only promote a green lifestyle but also add personality and flair to every ride. Embrace individuality and make the right choice with Leoguar.

Development and Commitment


Design and R&D: We have our own dedicated design and R&D team.

Strong Supply Chain: Robust supply chain ensures reliability.

After-Sales Support: Enhanced after-sales support for customer satisfaction.

30 Years of OEM Experience: Trusted quality from decades of professional expertise.

User-Centric: Prioritizing user safety and comfort without compromising on style.

Aesthetic and Practical: Combining beauty with functionality.

Product Lineup

Leoguar offers a range of e-bikes designed for various needs:

Flippo Pro: Folding e-bike for convenience and portability.

Strider ST and Strider SO: All-terrain fat tire e-bikes for rugged adventures.

Upcoming Releases: Zephyr beach cruiser e-bike and Trailblazer mid-drive motor e-bike.

Customization: Multiple popular color options and soon-to-be-available personalized customization services, empowering riders to define their e-bikes.

Our Values
Future Vision

Future Vision

Leoguar Ebike: Free as a leopard, fast as a jaguar, fun as a rider. Our brand embodies agility, strength, and elegance, offering cutting-edge technology and impeccable craftsmanship. Leoguar is not just a brand; it’s a platform for a green journey of protecting the planet and enjoying the world. We aim to be best in class, innovating to meet diverse customer needs. With Leoguar, double your safety, embrace the green lifestyle, and unleash your adventurous spirit.

Join us at Leoguar, where every ride embodies strength, speed, and freedom. Choose Leoguar for unmatched comfort, safety, and an eco-friendly ride.